Heavy Equipment Finance | Brokers

Allied Capital provides speciality and heavy equipment finance & leasing to small and medium size companies. We can assist in providing some of the best options and leasing packages available.

Case Study:

“One of our clients, an active participant in the NSW construction industry, sought funding to purchase a range of construction equipment. A pre-approved credit limit facility was put in place which enabled the client a level of certainty in negotiating new purchases of equipment, so that when the need arose he could act swiftly to get machinery onsite.” 

This is just one of many clients we have assisted to obtain earthmoving and heavy equipment finance. 

Financing heavy equipment is a sensible option if you want to obtain the equipment you need without using a significant amount of the working capital of your business. Success is about achieving maximum effectiveness at minimum cost. Allied Capital can assist you in evaluating the financing that may be best suited to your needs; 

  • Heaving/construction equipment frequently has a long useful life. Spreading the cost of the equipment over its useful life using finance can help you match the cost of the equipment with the revenue it generates for you over its lifetime
  • What are the tax implications for your business of leasing and financing? 
  • How can you refinance your existing specialist equipment debt?

These are just a few issues that clients have come to us about. Our specialist brokers can address these issues and source the best finance packages for you. 

Allied Capital provides structured earthmoving and heavy equipment financing and leasing solutions to small and middle-market companies Australia wide. We provide flexible and innovative loan and lease structures. We have the ability and expertise to provide heavy equipment finance to a wide range of industries, including mining, manufacturing, printing, marine and construction. 

Our goal is to provide not just the optimal financing package for your heavy equipment finance needs but to continue to assist you in your long-term financial goals to provide solutions that meet your changing business and heavy equipment needs.

Allied Capital is far more than a specialist Business Finance Broker. We have the expertise and experience to specialise in Commercial Finance, Property Investment Finance, Construction Financeas well as Specialist Equipment Finance. Whether you are looking at Franchise Finance or Commercial Loans, Industrial or Retail Property Finance let Allied Capital’s business finance brokers source one of the best financing packages available, tailored to your particular circumstances.