Commercial Loans Mixed Use Property Development Loan

Tailored and specific needs, structured commercial loans arranged by Allied Capital expert finance brokers…

Case Study:

Based in Sydney our client had a portfolio of properties, including retail, commercial and residential properties. Due the nature of the portfolio there was significant value to be captured by improving the assets, renovation of existing buildings and construction of new buldings on existing land. A structured finance solution was provided for the client which enabled the client to continue to add value to his property portfolio even though the existing lender was unwilling to provide further funding. The faclility was structured to refinance the existing lender, provide funds to complete an existing reconstruction project and then a second facility to enable the client to undertake the construction of the new building on a vacant site. 

Allied Capital has a wealth of experience in property and construction finance, commercial loans and property development loans. This is just one scenario that we have successfully funded through a refinance approach. 

Allied Capital can source and develop commercial loans and innovative structured property finance solutions for the property and development industry. We source, structure and offer a range of financing solutions to suit each individual project including; 

  • Limited – recourse financing 
  • Take out finance when substantial completion has occurred 
  • Mezzanine finance for development

Our expert finance brokers can provide information and resources tailored to your needs, with commercial loans and finance packages designed to suit each individual project. 

We recognise and understand that all our clients have different needs and requirements when it comes to construction finance and commercial loans. Each construction project is different in its timing, gearing and the finance required. Our specialist brokers take this all into consideration when sourcing and constructing a suitable construction finance package or commercial loans solution for you. 

Allied Capital is independently owned and not affiliated with any major bank or financial institution and as such we can offer you the most suitable and cost effective commercial loan and construction finance package available. Contact us today. 

Allied Capital is far more than a specialist Business Finance Broker. We have the expertise and experience to specialise in Commercial Finance, Property Investment Finance, Construction Financeas well as Specialist Equipment Finance. Whether you are looking at Franchise Finance or Commercial Loans, Industrial or Retail Property Finance let Allied Capital’s business finance brokers source one of the best financing packages available, tailored to your particular circumstances.