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Specialist equipment financing needs specialist attention. Providing the best advice on financing options – finance leasing, operating leasing, hire-purchase & chattel mortgage, our brokers can assist you.

Case Study:

“A printing company based in the city was looking to replace it’s existing 4 colour offset printing press. With standard terms for equipment finance often limited to 5 years and a 30% residual. Allied Capital worked to obtain a 50% residual. This improved the client’s cash flow and ensured that the cost of the machine was matched with the income it generated over its life. With large printing presses such as Heidelberg’s retaining a large portion of their value as used equipment the client now can either trade in his machine after 5 years or roll over the contract should he wish to continue to use the machine beyond the first 5 years.” 

Allied Capital can assist you by sourcing hassle free, cost effective finance packages and options, not just printing equipment finance but a whole range of specialist equipment finance. 

Allied Capital’s expert finance brokers can provide innovative and flexible equipment financing and leasing solutions for every individual need. We consider your requirements and business goals and select and structure the most suitable and best equipment finance option for your situation offering many advantages including;

  • Tax advantages – on financing and leasing equipment including printing equipment finance and specialist equipment finance
  • Conserving working capital – important when sourcing finance for equipment in a start-up businesses
  • Budgeting and cash flow – made easier when contracts are set at a fixed rate of interest
  • Flexible payment systems – great if your business is affected by fluctuations such as seasonal earnings

Not only do we provide information on equipment financing and leasing but we explain the way each option may impact on the financial position of each client. 

Allied Capital has cost-effective and innovative financial solutions to meet the changing equipment needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We offer a range of financial products and assist in structuring the optimum solution for your business. From printing equipment finance right through to heavy equipment finance, our brokers can source the best financing option for your situation, utilising highly competitive and flexible financing structures. Printing equipment finance is one area of a wide range of industrial equipment finance that Allied Capital can assist you with. 

Allied Capital’s finance brokers are highly experienced with an intimate understanding of the complex nature of equipment financing. Let our professional, experienced team help you today.

Allied Capital is far more than a specialist Business Finance Broker. We have the expertise and experience to specialise in Commercial Finance, Property Investment Finance, Construction Finance as well as Specialist Equipment Finance. Whether you are looking at Franchise Finance or Commercial Loans, Industrial or Retail Property Finance let Allied Capital’s business finance brokers source one of the best financing packages available, tailored to your particular circumstances.